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A brand for conscious women by conscious women.
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We're changing the way we do fashion.


There are two factors currently driving the status in the apparel industry: First, women not only spend more on clothing than men but by far outnumber them as apparel workers - a staggering 80%. Yet men remain the majority of decision-makers.

Second, our society's addiction to cheap clothing is depleating the earth's resources and harms the people who make them. Over half of all garments produced each year - 63%, the equivalent of a garbage truck full every second - end up in landfills without ever being worn. 

Our closets are full and we have nothing to wear.

So what's really going on here?

And how do we change it?

Closet full and nothing to wear?

How conscious is your closet?

Answer 10 questions to find out. And we'll send you the surprising limiting beliefs that sabotage your best efforts.

Fashion Model

When garments are made with the energy of love using high-frequency materials, they are simply better for the wearer, the planet, and for the people who make them.

Daniela Caine, Founder & CEO

Our Approach


We believe that lasting change starts from within. While we are already seeing a shift from the old system - where profit trumps people and the planet - towards a more integrated, and kind system in apparel, the current status keeps us, the consumers, disempowered so we keep buying. We are setting out to change the paradigm by building a company built on Feminine Power Principles. This means a purpose-driven approach with a true desire to create prosperity and help empower women no matter where they are.


Koryphae is at the forefront of this movement.

The Feminine Power Approach

People, Planet, Purpose & Prosperity for all.
Collaboration, Cooperation, Care & Community

Design Ethos
We are creating high-vibrational, wearable, and long-lasting clothing using high-frequency materials.
Our pieces are ethically produced with the energy of love and care. We infuse West-Coast Casual with Bauhaus minimalism. Our clothes aren't just beautiful, sustainable, and ethical, they are simply better for your well-being. 

"It's not about having less. It's about making space for what matters."